Rescued Puppy Finds Shelter at a Chimp Sanctuary

You can't walk past a helpless animal without doing anything about it when you dedicate your life to saving animals in need. That was the case with Jenny Desmond, who works with her husband Jimmy at the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection unit in West Africa. One day on the manner back to the facility, Jenny saw a puppy on the highway looking like he was about to die. Although her specialty was chimps, Jenny knew she had to do something to help this pup.

This Puppy Was On the Brink of Death

There are creatures all over the globe who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. This was the case with a tiny puppy discovered in Liberia's distant village. Sitting by the side of the street, this little boy looked like he was left to die.

None of the villagers seemed to care for the hopeless pup, yet when a lady wished to pick him up, they all seemed to have a problem with it.

Jenny Desmond Noticed Someone to Rescue

Jenny Desmond was the lady in question. She and her husband Jimmy are co-founders of the LCRP unit in West Africa, which stands for Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection. While the Desmonds operate mainly to rehabilitate wild and orphaned chimpanzees rescued from illegal butchering and wildlife trade, there are no species excluded from the LCRP's love and care.

Jenny and her peers were driving through a distant Liberian town one day, on a no special occasion. She noticed this puppy lying by the highway who was in desperate need of care.

Who Knows How Long He Was Suffering In These Conditions?

Jenny immediately realized that the puppy had worms and was ill with a fever when they stopped to assist her, but those were just two of the various ailments this little puppy suffered. The puppy also had eye and skin infections as well as being significantly underweight.

To enhance his health, Jenny wanted to take him back to the facility. But without suffering the wrath from the nearby villagers at first, she couldn't do that.

Jenny Had To Argue With the Villagers

Oddly enough, Jenny confronted some opposition to saving this puppy from neighboring villagers. She didn't want to pay them to bring him to her facilities, particularly since she was sure that nobody ever cared for him. “You see he’s being eaten alive,” she said, holding him out to demonstrate the scabbed coat.

“You want me to leave him here and he’s gonna die?” She was asking them. It wouldn't be as easy to rescue the puppy as Jenny thought.

She Vowed To Never Bring Him Back

“If the dog becomes better, do you want me to bring the dog back to you?” In a video, Jenny asks the villagers. That seemed to be a nice reason and enough for Jenny to be able to carry the puppy away from there.

“I’m not bringing him back. I’m just saying that” as they drive away, Jenny can later be heard saying. She realized for sure that in that town the puppy would never have a healthy life.

They Weren’t Sure He Was Going To Make It

Jenny saved the sick puppy and it was not just a nice thing, but also just in time as well. She was certain that if she had not come to his rescue, the puppy would have died in two days.

They discovered that the puppy was missing enormous patches of fur after further inspection and his skin was coated in dirt and sores. Jenny wanted to give the puppy a chance to fight for his life even though it seemed he wasn't going to do it.

They Scrubbed

The first thing they did when they reached the sanctuary was to offer the puppy a much-needed bath. Jenny and one of her peers washed the dirt gently off the puppy's fur as he was sitting helplessly under running water.

This was Jenny's second nature. “She’s rescued a lot. She rescued chickens, she rescued grasshoppers, owls… she’s rescued a lot of things,” Jenny's colleague clarified. Jenny never turned a blind eye to a needy animal.

They Named Him Snafu

The Desmonds chose to name the puppy Snafu. Snafu was a shy and fragile puppy when he first arrived at the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection facility. It was evident he had no power to carry on.

But incredibly, in a matter of days, Snafu would make a strong recovery and it would seem that the rescue paid off. But first, they had to take care of some significant things.

Treatment Was the Next Step

Snafu immediately received therapy so he could begin healing. Jimmy Desmond is a wildlife veterinarian and advisor specializing in emerging disease and illegal trade in wildlife.

Jimmy administered a therapy, which the body would absorb, under the puppy's skin. The puppy was thought to have some severe infections that would have resulted in a deadly disease if he was not saved at the time.

The Puppy Was So Hungry He Was Digesting His Muscle

Snafu was so hungry and malnourished that he began to digest his own muscles. Jenny and Jimmy made sure that they gave him plenty of food and water to feed him back to health.

When they gave Snafu the food and the water he would be next to it for a long time so that it was obvious that during fending for himself in that village, he had been deprived of those necessities.

His Hair Started Growing Back In Five Days

The fur of the puppy began to grow back by the fifth day under the care of the Desmond. “He didn’t even look like he had fur or hair,” Jenny said when he was first discovered.

“There used to be big chunks of skin [falling out] and there’s not that much of it anymore.” The puppy showed incredible signs of enhancement in less than a week of care.

Snafu’s Recovery Took a Turn

“Everyday we kind of felt like he was getting a little bit better but with most animals that we rescue, there’s a day when they kind of takes a turn,” Jenny said. That day would come for Snafu slowly but surely.

One thing is for sure, within days of being at the LCRP, the spirit of Snafu was definitely altered. Shortly after he got used to his new setting, the once-timid dog began to move around playfully.

They Put On the “Cone of Shame”

As Snafu became more playful, more care had to be taken off his therapy by the Desmond's. Snafu had numerous open wounds when they first received him, which were oozing with puss. “It was starting to heal with the medicine but then he was biting it, so we put the collar on him,” said Jenny.

Part of Snafu's therapy was to carry the shameful cone, even though we are certain that he was not embarrassed to be healthy.

Snafu Got Along With the Rescued Chimps

Snafu still felt good enough to begin interacting with everyone at the shrine, particularly his new animal friends, even with the restrictive collar around his neck. Not only did he not care he had to share food on the property with the older dogs, but he also got along well with the chimpanzees!

For their part, when he was still small, the chimps loved to help care for Snafu by carrying him down the stairs.

Snafu Essentially Grew Up With the Chimps

It wasn't long before Snafu not only started to heal under the vigilant care of the Desmonds, but he also started to grow. Snafu had grown into a full-sized dog within a year and was as pleased as possible.

Not only that, he was happy to interact on the sanctuary grounds with the rescued chimpanzees. Indeed, Snafu had his second opportunity at life, but that was not his story's end.

Snafu’s Future Was up in the Air

It was thanks to Jenny and Jimmy Desmond who had the resources and the hearth full of love that Snafu was able to make a whole recovery. Snafu looked like a completely different dog within the course of a year.

Life at this point seemed quite perfect, but the Desmonds suddenly realized that they couldn't care for Snafu. The room in the sanctuary became narrow as fresh animals arrived in need of their assistance.

The Desmonds Wanted Snafu to Have a Life He Deserved

Many animals find their way into the LCRP, but they don't have to say goodbye many times. Although Jenny never discriminated against the animals she was taking care of, her priorities were the busy schedules she and Jimmy had for the rescue of chimpanzees.

They still wished Snafu to have the life he deserved. They were required to think of a solution for him to keep getting the love they gave him.

They Couldn’t Give Snafu the Attention He Deserved

Jenny and Jimmy fell in love with Snafu and were proud of his recovery, but their job at the sanctuary was important as well. LCRP engaged a lot of travel, particularly as chimpanzees from all over Africa were saved.

They knew that all their journeys prevented them from providing all the care and attention Snafu deserved. Fortunately, they came up with the perfect idea which would cater to Snafu's needs.

Jenny’s Nieces Adopted Snafu

Jenny knew the ideal individuals in Colorado who would embrace Snafu and it was the family of her sister. “He’s moving to Colorado to live with my nieces and he’s gonna have a great, wonderful life,” Jenny said.

 “Look at him, he’s cute, happy, [and] fat.” Jenny first discovered Snafu on the side of the highway one day, it was definitely an enormous improvement. She could only hope his fresh life would be something that Snafu would love and enjoy.

Snafu Is Thriving In Colorado

In the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection facility, Snafu loved his family. He particularly loved the new parents he had in Jenny and Jimmy, who hoped that when he moved to Colorado, Snafu would remain happy.

Luckily, that was exactly the case! Snafu enjoyed playing with Jenny's nieces and having a fresh family that loved him just as much as he loved the one back in Africa. Were it not for the rescue, and the sheer determination of Jenny, he would have died on the streets. This is, unfortunately, a case for many abandoned dogs out there because they simply cannot take care of themselves and need humans to help them out. Fortunately for all of us, there are volunteers all over the world who seek out animals in need and help them out. Snafu's story is not the only story of success.

Read on to find out what happened to an abandoned poodle named Yankee.

Rescuers Were Heartbroken When They Realized Why This Homeless Poodle Refused Their Help

Every animal deserves a beautiful home. But unfortunately, there is not one provided to all livestock. Cats and dogs sometimes end up on the roads walking aimlessly, trying to fend for themselves. One of these unfortunate creatures was Yankee the poodle.

A group of locals who said he had been living on the streets of Los Angeles for some time found Yankee. But the pup always resisted whenever they attempted to assist him, refusing to leave his place in the alleyway.

Yankee the Poodle Was a Los Angeles Stray

Whilst no one knows for sure how long Yankee was homeless, local people saw him walking around and fending for himself for some time prior to the rescue. Yankee was living on the streets of Los Angeles, California.

It was evident that Yankee struggled throughout the day to make ends meet. He would tirelessly search for food scraps to consume and drink water before retreating to a resting alleyway.

Yankee Was Afraid of People

Yankee had lived for a while on the streets in Los Angeles so some local people knew about the hairy pup, many of which brought him food and water to eat, but no one could give him a forever home.

Locals would sometimes attempt to catch Yankee, but he would run away or retreat to his secure place.

Yankee Didn’t Have Much Time Left

In recent times, the local people realized Yankee was no longer interested in eating the food that they brought him. They began to believe that he would die. It seemed as if he simply gave up on life.

Even though the locals who knew Yankee couldn't offer an eternal home to the sweet pup, they knew they simply had to find someone who would be able to do so. They were concerned that he might be wounded or ill with the shift in his behavior, so they called Hope for Paws.

Hope for Paws Came to the Rescue

Hope for Paws got a message about a potentially wounded homeless poodle. They were interested in instantly assisting Yankee and sent a rescue team. Two volunteers had just completed a second rescue and hurried to discover the poodle. It was clear when they arrived that Yankee wouldn't last much longer. He had already given up on life. He was not out searching for food or water. His morale was on the down low and there was nothing out there for this pup anymore.

Depression is actually quite common in dogs, even though many people are unaware of it. Even a dog in your house can get depressed, especially if it is not receiving the affection it needs. Although Yankee had a nice attitude, he would have grown cautious of strangers. It took the poodle a while to warm up to them, even though Hope for Paws was there to assist.

Yankee Was Skeptical to Let the Volunteers Help Him

The volunteers approached Yankee who was in the corner of the alleyway lying defeated. Yankee did not move at first as they approached — but he withdrew when they attempted to put a leash around his neck. They knew that his mistrust probably came from people who had taken advantage of his good spirits in the past. Many homeless dogs are the victims of the brutality of evil-minded individuals who only want to cause harm to the animal.

Yankee was understandably scared of Paws for Hope's volunteers. After all, so far, human beings hadn't been so helpful, so why should he think these individuals had good intents?

The Volunteers Coaxed Yankee Out of the Alleyway

The volunteers had a lot of experience dealing with stray dogs that were nervous and distrustful. Because of their previous work with needy pups, they knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park to get Yankee away from the alleyway he now called home.

Fortunately, the volunteers pursued to get Yankee to a safe place. They could get a leash on the pup after some coaxing and walk him out of the alleyway. This was a massive success on its own since people had tried to do exactly the same before with no luck. It seemed like he gave up enough on life that he was ready to face whatever harm they would throw his way. He did not know that his life was just beginning.

Getting Yankee to the Van Wasn’t Exactly Easy

Knowing that Yankee would probably leave with the first opportunity he had in the alleyway, the volunteers gently picked him up and took him to the rescue van slowly. A local lady went up as they went back and began rubbing Yankee on the head. She said for she was trying to assist the pup, but he was scared of her. She was so grateful for volunteers from the Paws of Hope.

Once in the van, Yankee was given a check-up by the volunteers, searching carefully for any blood, bruising, cutting, or scraping.

Luckily, Yankee Didn’t Have any Noticeable Injuries

Luckily, Yankee did not demonstrate any noticeable wounds, which was surprising as he wandered the streets alone for a while. But Yankee needed food, water, and a beautiful hot bath.

The volunteers were so enthusiastic about the love and care Yankee deserved, but Yankee was nervous. He was shaking visibly in the volunteer's arms.

To the Rescue Hospital, We Go

As the volunteers were preparing to return to the rescue hospital, they opened the vehicle's hatchback to crate Yankee, but the poodle was reluctant. The volunteers were able to get Yankee loaded into the rescue van after some more coaxing and start their drive.

The volunteers ensured that Yankee was soothed as much as possible while in the vehicle. The pup settled in within a few minutes and even began to open up a bit.

Yankee Slowly Started to Trust the Volunteers

The volunteers had put Yankee in the back of the vehicle in a crate but left the gate open if he wished to move around. Yankee slowly crept out of the crate about halfway through the drive and even went to the back passenger seat to sit with the volunteers.

The volunteers were confident from the view into Yankee's eyes that he was getting warm and he realized that they were here for him and that they would help him.

A Trip to the Vet

Now that Yankee was safe in the care of volunteers, it was time to get down to business. A trip to see a veterinarian was first on the list. Since Yankee had been on the streets for some time, he definitely hadn't been to the veterinarian for a while.

Whether Yankee had heartworms or some kind of nasty infection brewing there was no way to say, but the volunteers were keeping their hopes up.

Yankee Gets a Clean Bill of Health

To the relief of all, Yankee obtained a clean health bill. He was screened for heartworms negatively and had no infections. There were also no severe injuries he had endured while living on the streets.

However, Yankee had some severely matted fur. There was one thing for sure — he required a bath and adequate grooming!

The Volunteers Realized Yankee’s Trust Issues Were Severe

When the volunteers with Yankee left the vet, their next mission was lastly to offer a bath and adequate grooming to the sweet pup. But they discovered that his trust problems were worse than they believed as they attempted to clean Yankee.

Having worked with numerous neglected pups in the past, at first Yankee's trust issues didn't surprise the volunteers, but their subsequent realization left them all heartbroken.

Yankee Had Received Little to No Affection His Entire Life

Although the volunteers were experienced in managing human-fearing dogs, Yankee was somewhat distinct. After spending a few hours with him, they discovered that throughout his life he had probably received little to no affection at all.

The cute pup was never loved, cared for, or socialized correctly. But now, lastly, Yankee would get the care he so desperately required and deserved.

Yankee Opens Up

The pup continued to shy away when the volunteers who arrived at the rescue hospital with Yankee. Yankee was more humiliated than ever before, but he seemed to understand that all these individuals were there to assist him.

Yankee lastly began to open up. He seemed to understand that there were all the volunteers who picked him up from the alley, the vet, and those at the rescue hospital to assist him.

Yankee Started to Thrive

Yankee spent the next few weeks in the rescue clinic making a complete recovery. He started to flourish now that he had adequate nutrition, water, and hygiene! It was really useful for Yankee to be around people and other livestock all day. He opened up to others slowly but surely.

Despite the pup being attached to the volunteers who had rescued Yankee and helped give him a second chance in life, they knew the next step was to find him a foster home.

Finding His Foster Home

Before they knew it, it was time to begin searching for Yankee's foster home. Yankee was able to leave the rescue hospital now that his health was considered good enough.

Yankee was released to the Hart organization's a foster home. He encountered a young kid at his foster home who wanted to make Yankee a part of his family forever.

The Difference Just a Few Weeks Can Make

Just a few weeks earlier, Yankee had been living with little food and water on the filthy streets of Los Angeles. Moreover, the poodle in his life had got so little affection and socialization that he was terrified of human contact and even resisted their assistance.

But Yankee was now safe and happy thanks to the kindness of strangers. He had a good new friend too!

Yankee Makes a New Best Friend

It seemed as if Yankee was living in fear of humans only yesterday, but now in his life, the once-homeless poodle had managed to complete a turnaround. He even discovered a good friend of his own!

A young son, who fell in love with Yankee, had the foster family that embraced Yankee. The kid and the pup eventually became the best friends. Now, the personality of Yankee was really shining through. Even better, he now has a place to run around in his own backyard!

Look At That Smile!

Would you ever believe this smile? That kind of happiness you simply can't fake! It's almost difficult to think that Yankee and his fresh owner took this picture after being saved just a few brief weeks earlier.

Yankee had finally found his home forever and he was really flourishing. He lastly got the love, affection, and care he so dearly deserved after a lifetime of being alone. It seemed as if he had to go through hell to finally get what he needed. Which is quite unfortunate, to say the least, as no animal should go through struggles like that.

Yankee Became More Social As Time Went On

Anyone who works with the rescue pets understands how difficult the transition to a new home can be for pets. Just because you know they get the best care and they're in a safe environment, it doesn't imply that they know they are safe.

But it seemed that Yankee was an enigma. As time went on, the sweet pup just got more social! He produced a rapid shift to his foster family and was the ideal addition to it.

Before and After

This is nothing short of amazing - a before and after Yankee shot. It's difficult to think these pictures were only taken a few weeks apart. But it just goes to demonstrate how far some kindness and compassion can go.

If it wasn't for the incredible rescue volunteers, who knows what might have happened to Yankee. But this poodle has a fresh opportunity in life now. We believe his smile tells you everything you need to know. Keep on rocking, Yankee!